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Learn about ARIES Rocker Step Running Boards

ARIES Rocker Steps rocker guard running boards on Jeep Wrangler JK

All-steel build for extra rocker panel protection

Custom 2017 Ford F150 with ARIES Rocker Steps running boards rocker guards ARIES Rocker Step Jeep Wrangler steps Tactical desert custom 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK with ARIES Rocker Steps and Jeep accessories ARIES Rocker Step on Ram 1500 ARIES Rocker Steps on black Chevrolet Colorado Bucks 4x4 Baja 2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited with ARIES Rocker Steps and Jeep accessories ARIES Rocker Steps steel offroad steps Black 2016 Chevrolet Colorado with ARIES Rocker Steps and truck accessories

Functional step up with offroad clearance

Orange 2013 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited rock crawler with ARIES Rocker Steps

Rocker guard meets running board

There are countless running boards out there, as well as many different products designed to protect your vehicle's rocker panels. For the perfect combination of both, ARIES Rocker Step running boards provide a convenient step up into your offroad truck or Jeep, as well as extra rocker panel protection.

ARIES Rocker Step running boards feature a high-strength, fully welded construction of carbon steel, as well as a durable black finish that is uniquely specialized to face the outdoor elements. All Rocker Steps install with no drilling required and are available for pickup trucks and the Jeep Wrangler.


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Rocker Step running boards in action


With the unique pairing of side step and rocker guard functionality, ARIES Rocker Step running boards are perfect for the trail. They provide a dependable step up into offroad Jeep Wranglers and custom pickup trucks.

No-drill installation

ARIES Rocker Step running boards are fast and easy to install because each set is made vehicle-specific. They mount with no drilling required and feature welded brackets for enhanced strength and rigidity.


ARIES Rocker Step offroad side steps on Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

Added protection and a solid step

On the trail, rocks, branches and other debris can quickly damage your vehicle's rocker panels if they are not properly protected. ARIES Rocker Step running boards provide extra protection for the sides of your truck or Jeep, while simultaneously offering a fully functional 3" wide stepping surface.

Rocker Steps are a superior choice over most rocker panel protectors because of their integrated stepping surface. They are also better suited for the trail than most running boards because of their enhanced, all-steel strength.


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Custom red 2017 Toyota Tacoma with ARIES Rocker Steps and truck accessories

Plenty of ground clearance

ARIES Rocker Step running boards not only provide a solid step up into your truck or Jeep, but they also feature a flat profile that ensures plenty of ground clearance. This essential for any offroad ride.

While many side steps and running boards mount low on the vehicle, Rocker Steps are designed to mount high-and-tight against the rocker panels, keeping them elevated above potential threats.


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ARIES Rocker Steps welded steel side steps end caps

Heavy-duty build

For extra protection for the sides of the vehicle and a solid step up, ARIES Rocker Step running boards are constructed from high-strength carbon steel. Not only that, but they are complete devoid of plastic parts.

These rocker guard side steps feature a strong, double-tube layout with a 3" wide welded top plate and welded end caps. While Rocker Steps are not intended to completely replace the functionality of rocker guards or rocker bars, they do add an extra barrier to help prevent damage to the vehicle's sides.

Pre-welded brackets

To add even more strength and make installation quick and simple, ARIES Rocker Step boards come with pre-welded, vehicle-specific mounting brackets.

Welded to the running board itself -- as opposed to being bolted on -- the brackets provide the Rocker Step running boards with greatly enhanced strength and rigid. You not only get a solid step up into your offroad truck or Jeep, but the steel side steps are able to better stand up to obstacles and offroad debris.

ARIES Rocker Steps running board rocker guard
Orange custom 2013 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited with ARIES Rocker Steps and Jeep accessories

No-drill, custom fit

The installation process is streamlined by using pre-existing mounting locations on the vehicle. Each set of Rocker Step boards is designed to fit a specific vehicle application, eliminating the need for drilling and cutting down on installation time.

A vehicle-specific install also ensures a custom fit without the hassle of custom modifications, and it boosts the strength of the Rocker Steps even more. Each set comes with all necessary mounting hardware for a complete installation.

Unique textured finish

To enable Rocker Step running boards to withstand the rigors of the outdoor elements and offroad trail, they are finished with a unique, dual powder coat finish. First, an E-coat is applied to shield the carbon steel with a rust-resistant layer. Then, a highly durable textured black powder coat is applied for superior rust, chip and UV resistance.

This textured powder coat also provides the unique advantage of helping to hide minor scratches, scuffs and dirt accumulated on the trail, keeping your truck or Jeep looking clean like a pro.

ARIES Rocker Side Steps rocker guards on white Toyota 4Runner
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