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Learn about AeroTread® SUV Running Boards

ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards on Acura MDX

Sleek, contoured design for the modern SUV

2015 Acura MDX with ARIES AeroTread SUV running boards - black ARIES AeroTread running boards for SUVs - work shoe ARIES AeroTread SUV running boards on 2017 Toyota 4Runner ARIES AeroTread SUV running boards on black 2016 Hyundai Tucson ARIES AeroTread running boards for SUVs non-skid treads ARIES AeroTread SUV running boards on red 2016 Toyota Rav4 ARIES black AeroTread SUV running boards - rainwater 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe with ARIES AeroTread SUV running boards

Unique, dual aluminum-stainless steel construction

2015 Jeep Compass with ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards

SUV running boards engineered for style

You don't drive a modern SUV because you have to. You do it because it's an experience unlike any other. To complete that experience, you need running boards that specialize in style and longevity.

ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards are uniquely engineered for both, featuring a dual-construction, a sleek design and a no-fuss installation. They provide a dependable step up into your SUV, while complementing its superior style.


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AeroTread® SUV running boards in motion

Sleek, long-lasting build

AeroTread® running boards for SUVs are subtle, sleek and sexy with their tapered, contoured ends. They also feature a lightweight, highly rust-resistant construction for true longevity.

Hassle-free install

Each set of AeroTread® running boards is intended for a unique SUV application, using vehicle-specific brackets. Installation requires no tedious vehicle modifications, and virtually all models install with no drilling.


ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards non-skid tread - high-heels

Uniquely tailored for modern SUVs

First impressions are everything, and AeroTread® running boards don't disappoint. Everything about them -- from their curved, contoured trim to their chevron-patterned step pads -- is designed to reflect the elevated style of today's SUV.

The vehicle-specific lengths of these SUV running boards and their tapered trim piece allows them to contour to the vehicle's body lines, giving it a subtle but unmistakable touch of urban, aftermarket style.


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ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards chevron treads

Intuitive, lightweight, rust-free build

Fuel economy is extremely important for today's SUVs, and AeroTread® running boards are made to uphold a high level of efficiency. This is accomplished through their unique dual-construction.

The base of AeroTread® SUV running boards is an extruded aluminum core that provides rigid strength and a lightweight fuel-efficient design. The board is then finished with a stainless steel trim piece, providing its sleek style and maintaining excellent corrosion resistance.


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ARIES AeroTread® stainless running boards on 2018 GMC Acadia

Two distinct finish options

To let you accent your sport utility vehicle with a perfectly seamless look, AeroTread® running boards are available in two finish options.

Our black running boards feature a carbide black powder coat finish over 201 stainless steel, adding a sleek, integrated look. Our polished stainless running boards are made from 304 stainless steel and offer a bright flash of an accent with their mirror-like finish.

Full-length, non-skid treads

For safe, comfortable footing each time you step into your SUV, AeroTread® running boards feature a generous 5" width. The chevron tread pattern provides non-skid traction and extends the full length of the boards to give you a solid step wherever you need it.

AeroTread® SUV running boards also feature a flat tread profile, offering a more comfortable surface for your foot. The treads are made from tough, hardened plastic, ensuring long-lasting wear and UV resistance.

ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards step up on Toyota Highlander
ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards non-skid treads

Integrated splashguard

AeroTread® running boards are designed to fully integrate with your SUV, mounting high-and-tight against the rocker panels and promoting a stylish, original equipment feel. As such, each set is equipped with built-in splashguards.

Along the back side of the running boards, the splashguards help close any gap between the vehicle rocker panels and the steps. This allows the running boards to function like a true extension of your SUV and helps shield the steps from rainwater and debris.

Easy installation

Installing aftermarket running boards on your SUV should be a walk in the park. With AeroTread®, it is. They feature a track mounting system with vehicle-specific brackets, allowing virtaully all models to be installed without any drilling required and making it easy to adjust them forward or backward to perfectly suit your vehicle layout.

AeroTread® SUV running boards install with high-strength steel brackets to provide a rigid step, and the brackets are covered in a powder coat finish for long-lasting rust resistance.

2015 Nissan Murano with ARIES AeroTread® SUV running boards
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