ActionTrac Powered Running Boards

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ARIES ActionTrac™ boards are the next generation of power running boards. These side steps are unique from other power step designs because they feature a patented step-within-a-step™. They are equipped with a control module for safe, smooth, automated operation; they feature a no-splice and no-drill bracket installation; and they feature weather-resistant, powder-coated aluminum construction made right here in the USA.

ActionTrac™ powered running boards feature an innovative, patented step-within-a-step™ design for your offroad truck or Jeep Wrangler. The main housing has an integrated, non-skid stepping surface along the top edge and contours to the vehicle's rocker panels for a sleek, aftermarket look. When the door opens, the control module automatically deploys the power step, offering an 8" drop from the top step and up to 15" from the doorsill, depending on the application. The two steps combined make ActionTrac™ the perfect lifted truck steps, offering safer, easier entry and exit from the vehicle, particularly on larger Jeeps or trucks. They're also ideal for families with younger children and for elderly passengers. When the door closes again, the power step retracts to be safely concealed within the housing.

The control module of ActionTrac™ lifted truck steps automatically detects any obstructions during operation. This eliminates pinch hazards and avoids damage to the steps out on the trails. The power steps are also set with a two-second delay to avoid retracting too quickly after the door closes. For added safety and visibility, each set of power running boards is equipped with integrated LED lights that illuminate the power side steps upon opening.

Another unique advantage of ActionTrac™ running boards is their ease of installation. Each set of these power running boards is designed for vehicle-specific application, and they mount using pre-existing holes in the vehicle. This eliminates the need for drilling holes for the brackets and aligning the running boards during the installation process and significantly cuts down on installation time.

ActionTrac™ powered running boards are engineered for the off-roading truck or Jeep Wrangler. They are constructed with extruded 6061-T6 aluminum, making them lightweight, non-corrosive and very durable. They also feature a carbide black powder coat finish to maximize corrosion resistance. This enhanced construction, together with the contoured design of the running boards, provides extra protection for the sides of the vehicle from small rocks and other debris that might scratch or mar the vehicle's finish.

ActionTrac™ retractable running boards operate with a single rotary motor to ensure quiet, reliable, long-lasting, maintenance-free operation. The motor, pivot points and all electrical components are shielded within the main housing, further protecting them from the elements. Each set of running boards comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is made right here in the USA for the utmost quality.

These running boards come with mounting brackets and all necessary hardware and wiring for a complete installation.

  • Patented step-within-a-step design for easier access, especially on large vehicles
  • Power step automatically drops 8" when door opens, up to 15" below the doorsill
  • Provides a wide, non-skid stepping surface on both the foldout and top step
  • Easy, no-drill bracket installation using pre-existing factory holes
  • Most plug-and-play system on the market with no factory wire splicing required
  • Housing protects power step, pivot points and electronics from water and debris
  • Powder-coated 6061-T6 aluminum is durable, lightweight and non-corrosive
  • Offers extra protection for the rocker panels from small stones and debris
  • Integrated control module detects obstructions and eliminates pinch hazard
  • Single, rotary motor for fast, quiet, maintenance-free operation
  • Integrated LED lights activate on deployment for added visibility and safety
  • Rated for 650 lbs. static weight capacity (limited to mounting structure)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA

More Details

Includes one pair of running boards, mounting hardware and wiring harness

Patent# US 9771024, US 8833781, D718195, D751953

Technical Details

Shipping Weight72.000
Product Weight68.000
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
Board Length83
Side Application Type DescriptionBlank
Mount Type DescriptionBlank


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